S.O.S Thrift Stores, LLC is a Virginia based for-profit company formed in 2024 to assist the Virginia Beach Education Foundation  (VBEF) with their fundraising efforts and provide financial resources for teacher grants and other programs. 
By becoming the exclusive recipient of clothing and other household donations the charitable organization receives, S.O.S. Thrift Stores are able to supply local jobs to individuals, keep useable items from entering the landfill, and provide clean serviceable clothing and other needed items to their community at deeply discounted prices. This relationship allows the VBEF to focus on their core mission and allow S.O.S. Thrift to focus on operating for-profit retail outlets, all while shielding the organization from any cost or risks associated with operating the program. The monies received from the sale of donated items assists the VBEF in the implementation of programs that may have otherwise been unattainable.